Shopping for collectable card gamer in you life can sometimes be difficult, so I created a guide of my 10 go to gifts for the card gamers that I know, or products that I personally use.

Booster packs
MTG and Pokemon Booster Backs
Booster packs are a great way for players to expand their collection and get new cards to play with. If you are buying booster packs, make sure to buy them for the game that the player plays. If they play Magic the gathering, collector boosters are a higher priced item, but may give the player the opportunity to pull limited arts, cards, or an overall higher value of pulls. otherwise , set boosters are fantastic stocking stuffers, or get a box to really blow them away. A lot of stores don't sell the booster packs online due to their often times limited quantities, however you can most certainly call a store to pre-order and reserve a specific amount of boosters to pick up. Reserve yours at The Gamer's Haven (1403 W Broadway Ave, Spokane WA 99201) by calling (509) 443-5992.

Starter Decks/ Pre-Con Decks
Preconstructed Commander Decks for MTG
Starter decks are a good option for new players, as they provide a ready-made deck to use right away. Some games like MTG have format specific preconstructed decks like Commander Decks found here . Most CCG’s make these type of products, so buy 2 so you can enjoy the game with that special gamer in your life! I can tell you from first hand experience, nothing will make their day more than you asking to play a game with them. They may even let you win.

Elite Trainer Boxes/ Bundle Boxes (MTG)
Pokemon Elite Trainer Box
 Elite trainer boxes are more expensive than booster packs, but they include a variety of items, such as booster packs, special cards, and other accessories. get yours here .You can get something similar for MTG players as well. Typically the bundles go quick, so make sure you either buy them when you can, or pre-order them with your local LGS. You can visit to reserve your next bundle or ask questions.

Single cards
Magic The Gathering Singles Display at The Gamer's Haven
If you know the specific cards that the player is looking for, you can buy them individually. This is a good option for players who are trying to complete a specific deck or set. If you are buying single cards, make sure to buy cards that are legal in the format that the player plays. You can pry a little by asking what's their favorite card they don't have yet, or if their deck is complete, and if not what they're missing to complete it. You can also ask if there are any cards in their deck that they are wanting to upgrade down the road.

Card storage
Card Storage
Card storage is important for protecting players' cards from damage. There are a variety of different card storage options available, such as binders, sleeves, and deck boxes (I'll talk more on those later), and collection boxes. If you are buying card storage, make sure to buy storage that is the right size for the player's collection. Ask them what formats they play, and how many cards are included in their go to deck. A Lot of players have multiple decks, but rotate through them occasionally, so multiple deck boxes are useful and double as storage. Ask them how large their collection is. It can be hard to estimate sometimes, so I always ask “how many shoe boxes of cards do you think you have?”. That generally gives a good idea for how large of a collection storage they would need.

Play mats
A variety of playmats on display at The Gamer's Haven
 Play mats provide a smooth surface for players to play on. They also help to protect players' cards from damage. If you are buying play mats, make sure to buy mats that are made of a durable material and that are the right size for the player's table. Personally, I think playmats are an extension of the person's deck, however there are tons of cool arts and topics on dice mats. Find one that matches their personality, interests or hobbies, but dont worry too much about matching their deck.

Dice and tokens
Display of 12mm dice "bricks"
 Dice and tokens are essential for many card games. There are a variety of different dice and tokens available, so you can find the perfect ones for the player you are shopping for. If you are buying dice and tokens, make sure to buy dice and tokens that are the right size for the player's game. Generally speaking, a cube or “brick” of 12mm 6 sided dice are usable and helpful or a single D20 (20 sided die) especially in a "spin down" format. . Make sure to either match the color of their deck theme, or their favorite color(s). Explore unique dice here: ,or head down to The Gamer's Haven to see the in store exclusive metal, stone or wood dice.

Card sleeves
Standard Deck Sleeve Variety Display
 Card sleeves protect players' cards from wear and tear. They are also available in a variety of different colors and designs. If you are buying card sleeves, make sure to buy sleeves that are the right size for the player's cards. Most card games will fit standard sleeves, but some may use a different size, so verify the size matches before you buy. Our game specialists will definitely be able to tell you which ones are right for you.

Deck boxes
Deck Box
 Deck boxes are a great way for players to store and transport their decks. There are a variety of different deck boxes available, so you can find the perfect one for the player you are shopping for. If you are buying deck boxes, make sure to buy boxes that are the right size for the player's decks. Some formats take less cards than others. Some deck boxes even feature cool magnetic lids, and drawers for tokens and dice making them extremely portable and efficient. Personally , I use a double deck box with a drawer to maximize my playability by storing 2 different format decks.

Gift certificates:
The Gamer's Haven Gift Certificate/ Gift Card
If you are not sure what to get, a gift certificate is always the safest bet. This allows the player to choose their own gift, but still making it personal to them by understanding that they play card games, and you want them to choose the product they need. Sets and waves release frequently, so it can be hard to nail down a specific product. Most gamers know that and also appreciate the flexibility of being able to buy into the products most relevant to their decks/formats at that time. You can get yours in store or here:

Hope this helps you nail down the perfect product for the card gamer in your life. But don’t sweat about it too much. I specifically chose items that can be used regardless as the gamers collection grows, and they explore new cards, waves and formats. But don't wait too long. Most of these games are collectable and products can sell quickly!

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