Best Tabletop Accessories 2023

RPG accessories like dice trays and dice towers can be a great addition to any tabletop gaming setup. Not only do they add a touch of style and personality to your gaming space, but they also serve practical purposes as well. In this post we'll talk a little about both.

Dice trays are small, portable containers designed to hold and contain dice during gameplay. They can help keep dice from rolling off the table or getting lost, and can also help reduce the noise of dice rolling. There are a wide variety of dice trays available on the market, ranging from simple cloth or leather trays to more elaborate designs made from wood or acrylic. Some dice trays even come with built-in dice towers or rolling areas, allowing for even more control over dice rolling. Millennial Falcon dice trays snap up for use with premium metal buttons, and flat pack for easy storage. They are also made of leatherette (fake leather) making them a great product for vegans, and honestly give a really nice quality feel the surface. The best feature of the dice trays though is the art. Millennial Falcon dice trays sport some amazing art, making them fantastic for use as coffee table center pieces and key trays in any household.

Dice towers, on the other hand, are larger structures that are designed to help players roll dice in a more controlled and randomized manner. Dice towers typically consist of a series of chutes and curves that the dice travel through, ensuring that they land in a completely random position. This can be especially useful for players who are rolling multiple dice at once, as it helps to ensure that each die is completely independent of the others. Dice towers can also help to reduce the noise of dice rolling, as the dice are more contained within the tower itself. Millennial Falcon dice towers sport a dual use as a carrying case and storage for your RPG markers/pencils/pens, dice and miniatures. 

Whether you're a casual tabletop gamer or a hardcore RPG enthusiast, dice trays and dice towers can be a great addition to your gaming setup and a lot of players like to use both. Not only do they add a touch of style and personality to your tabletop, but they also serve practical purposes that can enhance the overall gaming experience. So if you're looking to add a little extra something to your RPG session, or spice up your coffee table, get yours here: , or find them in store at The Gamer's Haven and Uncle's Games in Spokane Washington
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