Here are the top 10 gifts to get for people who are into tabletop gaming:

  • Horus Heresy Miniature and Core Set
  • Get yours at The Gamer's Haven
    If the wargamer in your life has a particular army or faction that they love, getting them some new models for that army is always a great gift. You can either get them a specific unit that you know they've been wanting, or you can get them a gift certificate to their favorite hobby shop so they can pick out their own models. A common issue people run into when trying to buy miniatures for friends and family, is not knowing what game or miniature they would need. That being said I’d personally recommend the gift certificate 90% of the time anyway as it will eventually be used for things like tournament entries or other needed supplies if they choose not to get a miniature.

    • Army Painter Paint Brushes
    • https://thegamershaven.net/search?type=product&q=brush
      Even if the wargamer in your life already has a lot of paints and brushes, they can always use more. There are always new and exciting paints and brushes coming out, so getting them a gift set of paints or brushes is a great way to show them that you support their hobby. Being the amateur painter that I am, my brushes are often abused, so new ones definitely get me giddy. 

    • Basing Material / Grass Tufts
    • https://thegamershaven.net/search?type=product&q=tufts
      Basing material is used for adding natural effects to miniature bases and terrain. There's a lot of different kinds of basing material, however the stuff I like to use is grass like tufts. They are super generic, but typically every war game and RPG has a setting where grass exists, so it's a safe route to stock up on. They can also be airbrushed and painted to give different effects. This stuff is great for adding immersion.

    • http://minercreations.com/
      Terrain can really add to the atmosphere of a tabletop wargame, and it can also help to make the game more challenging. Help them build the immersive escape that gamers crave. If the wargamer in your life doesn't have a lot of terrain, getting them some new terrain pieces is a great way to enhance their gaming experience, and terrain collectors can always use more to enhance the dynamics of their existing terrain. The link above takes you to one of our favorite places to procure tournament ready, and condensed terrain to make the take down and storage easier.

    • DnD Dice Set Specialty Metal Dice Dice Bag
    • https://thegamershaven.net/search?type=product&q=accessories 
      There are all sorts of accessories that can be helpful for tabletop wargamers, such as dice towers, measuring sticks, and hobby tools. First figure out what game they focus on, then go from there. If they play card games, a play mat or card storage is the way to go. For RPG’s (like D&D) 7 set dice, maps and dice towers (like fancy UV printed ones found exclusively in store at The Gamer’s Haven), and dice bags. For wargamers (fans of warhammer, Star Wars Legion/ Shatterpoint, and Battletech etc.) bricks of 6 sided dice https://thegamershaven.net/search?type=product&q=dice , carry cases, and range templates are the perfect route.

    • https://millennialfalcon.net/
      I’d agree if you told me that these should belong under accessories, however I'll explain why I made them their own category. Every Gamer can use a dice tray. They work for RPG’s, they work for wargamers, and at the very least, they make a beautiful key tray. This company takes them to another level by giving you the premium art and leatherette material to make you feel fancy without breaking the bank. Whether you're a nerd, geek, or a normie, there’s some sort of application that fits your needs. My wife uses the “large” one featuring cherry blossoms as a key tray ( made for wargamers because they can roll upwards of 30 dice in some scenarios), while I love my small one for passing around the table at our weekly game night with my grandparents. It keeps things clean, and makes it efficient to pass to the next person (in my case during our heated games of 10,000). I have even used them as tournament trays to carry my miniatures in the past. But seriously though, check out the art. 

    • Patreon Page for The Wobbly Goblin Podcast
    • https://www.patreon.com/TheWobblyGoblin
      There are a number of companies that offer subscription boxes for wargamers, but personally I'd recommend skipping these for something that fulfills more of your Gamer’s interest (that’s also waaaaaaaay less expensive to maintain). I'm talking about digital content. In today's age of podcasts, and Tiktok’s, it's never been easier to immerse yourself in the topics you're interested in the most. Patreon subscriptions add another level by introducing content that's exclusive to subscribers. There are many patreon sites that give different benefits, but the one I'd recommend is The Wobbly Goblin. Right now they cover Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy, but have plans for all types of nerdy games like D&D, Battletech, and Magic the Gathering. Their benefits include support for their tournament streams like providing army lists, and discord access (really important for community driven games like Warhammer40k). The cool thing is there's several tiers to choose from, so you can pick a tier that best fits your financial means and your Gamer’s needs. 

    • Storm of Silence Annual 40K Tournament hosted by The Gamer's Haven
    • https://thegamershaven.net/pages/event-calendar
      If there's a big wargaming event coming up, getting the wargamer in your life tickets to the event is a great way to show them that you support their hobby. This is especially true if the event is out of town, as it will give them the opportunity to travel and meet other wargamers.

    • Warhammer 30K Miniatures
    • https://thegamershaven.net/collections/used-miniatures
      Used miniatures are a great way to add to a collection without breaking the bank. It's also a great way to get into a game if you know specifically which faction you're going to be playing. 

    •  A 3D PRINTER
    • If the wargamer in your life is really into modeling, you could get them a 3D printer. This will allow them to print their own custom miniatures and terrain pieces. A 3D printer is a great investment for any wargamer who loves to tinker and create. Personally, I have 2x 3d printers and love them both (Creality Ender 3 Pro’s). Ethically , I do make sure I am not printing anything that can keep the lights on at our local Game store. Make sure you support them by only printing things of value that aren't competing with their product lines.  There are millions of files of accessories for tabletop games on libraries like www.Thingiverse.com that you can check out.
      I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the wargamer in your life!
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